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Translational research in infectious disease: current paradigms and challenges ahead
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作者:Judith M. Fontana,Elizabeth Alexander, Mirella Sal 【全球专家评论】
期刊: TRANSL RES2012年6月6期159卷

a Department of Public Health, Weill Cornell Medical College, New York, NY
b Department of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College, New York, NY

Received 5 October 2011. Revised 23 December 2011. Accepted 24 December 2012. Available online 14 January 2012.

In recent years, the biomedical community has witnessed a rapid scientific and technologic evolution after the development and refinement of high-throughput methodologies. Concurrently and consequentially, the scientific perspective has changed from the reductionist approach of meticulously analyzing the fine details of a single component of biology to the “holistic” approach of broadmindedly examining the globally int

学科代码:内科学   关键词:感染性疾病的转化研究:目前的范例与未来的挑战
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