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Fear of the unknown: ionizing radiation exposure during pregnancy
2012-06-05 15:04点击:70次发表评论
作者:Reinou S. Groen,Jin Y. Bae,Kyoung J. Lim 【全球专家评论】
期刊: AM J OBSTET GYNECOL2012年6月6期206卷

a Surgeons OverSeas, New York, NY
b New York University, New York, NY
c Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
d Department of Genitourinary Radiology, Hallym University College of Medicine, Kangdong Seong-Sim Hospital, Republic of Korea

Received 21 August 2011. Revised 18 October 2011. Accepted 6 December 2011. Available online 11 December 2011.

Ionizing radiation during pregnancy can negatively impact a fetus. In light of the Fukushima nuclear plant disaster in Japan, we discuss existing knowledge on the health effects of radiation and preventive measures for pregnant women. Overall, the risk of exposure to radiation is limited but severe defects can result from feta

学科代码:妇产科学   关键词:对未知的恐惧:妊娠期间的电离辐射暴露
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